Hi! I’m Marco.

I work in design and innovation.

I’m an interaction and service designer.

I use my craft to build ventures, design services and digital products, and gather actionable insights combining stories and data.


About me

Why I do what I do

My purpose is to affect how people think, feel, and behave for positive change: from crafting effective and emotionally engaging products and services, to enabling the most favorable and inspiring conditions for innovation, to activating communities through creativity.

I believe in design as a verb: a thoughtful process to unveil and fulfill people’s needs — providing elegant simplicity.

I believe delightful design details embody strategies and make them successful.

I believe in designing with, not for, people. It’s a process built on intuition, data, and empathy — within the team, towards end users and all service actors, from clients to frontline staff —, and inspired by curiosity above all.

I’m passionate about food and cooking: my father was a chef and I grew up in an Italian trattoria. I like to entertain the idea that this environment helped me become an active listener of every kind of story, to build narratives for diverse people, and to understand the value of recipes — something to follow, then throw away and improvise.

Why I am grateful

I am extremely thankful to have been taught at the interaction design program run by Gillian Crampton-Smith at Iuav in Venice.

My design has been awarded by IxDA, EYA, and Adobe. I had a chance to present my work at Interaction18, RadicalNetworks, Interaction13, and Ambience11. I had the honor to share some of my insights with Auckland University of Technology, Columbia University in New York, and Miami Ad School in Madrid.

I’ve been in awe of amazing humans at IDEO, SumAll, Fjord, and Hanzo. There, I’ve worked on a wide spectrum of challenges and sectors, from shipping and evolving products for small and medium businesses to make sense of their data, to generating service innovation in healthcare, to improving the life of financial institution employees through human-centered software.

I’m constantly humbled by the community we serve at Streetlives, and currently I am looking for long term opportunities.

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I’m interested in hearing ideas, and figuring out together what projects we can bring to life. I’m also really honored and excited to share my point of view at conferences, events, company or organization events, and whatnot.

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