Jun 2016 — DEC 2016


A weekly ritual: shared inspiration around a community selected theme, that embraces digital as a mindset.


I led and coordinated the initiative, and created an inclusive environment for it to flourish.


A 9 months long weekly inspiration on the possibilities of digital to inspire different crafts.


A more digital mindset, both in projects and proposals.

Inclusivity by inspiration

Small but consistent rituals make a community stronger, tighter, and more confident.

The Challenge

Checking in with colleagues, and during project work, we realized that digital inspiration was mostly confined to the interaction design community. But digital is not a discipline, it’s a mindset: an interdisciplinary, agile, and iterative approach that affects all aspects of our lives. Digital fluency and inspiration can be a common ground where everyone can chime in and be inspired.

The approach — A ritual

It was key to affect a small but significant change in culture for the project to succeed. With that in mind we decided a ritual would work best: there had been other similar initiatives on the subject in other offices, but none of them felt like a ritual.

We decided to pursue a path that celebrated the community, had a clear focus and a strong brand, and could integrate into existing routines and company values.

The outcome

A workspace ritual that drives creativity and inspires coworkers. bits&bites became the format adopted by IDEO NY for its weekly lunchtime meetings. For more, check this article on the IDEO blog. Enjoy the weekly inspiration from 2016 in the Google Slide below: