HANZO + [NDA protected client]
MAY 2017 — OCT 2017

Project R

Project R is a B2B digital product for banks’ employees to create, review, and sign-off deals with international, complex, and multilayered organizations


As designer and team lead I was responsible for the product on the agency side, led our design team, and managed the relationship with our engineering team.


Deliver an MVP, entering the project half-way through.
The product was demoed globally, and is ready to launch.


The re-design of a core product for the client laid the ground for a design system that would affect a whole suite of  products.

Delight within complexity

Embracing complexity allowed the team to fully understand the functionality and scope of the project. Delight was a result of thoughtful re-framing and prioritization, rather than brutal simplification.

To know more about the project, and seeing the full set of wireframes, please contact me.