Telefonica Multiscreen

Project team: Marco Righetto, Cathy Wang, Nerea Isusi, Alex Cañada

Role:Interaction designer responsable for Android mobile, tablet and iPad

Schedule:12 weeks | 2012

Client / iniciative:Telefonica Digital


A video on demand service that uses the full potential of each device to deliver a true multi-platform experience, prioritising the features that best suits each device characteristics.

During the second phase of the project, I took care of designing a pleasurable, consistent and coherent user experience on tablet devices (Android and iOS) and on Android mobile. The drivers of the project were a "laid back" experience, which allowed the access to the latest watched content in just one step.


The design solution allowed Telefonica to plan the deployment of the service in more than 10 countries across two continents.

To achieve this goal, it was crucial to keep the user experience great, while overcoming technology constrains and meeting business requirements.

Content browsing, sign in, sign up and sign out processes, predictive search, EPG and live TV, reminders and recordings, playlists, access to customer's content, players and payment flows. All of them harmonised by the key driver: "the least steps away from your content".


Telefonica Digital was the winner of the TV Connect Industry Awards in the Best Multiscreen Service category in 2013.

The service was recognised as the most innovative above other finalist like Virgin Media TiVO and TV Anywhere or China Unicom Tianjin’s WoTV.

You can find more information on the Fjord blog and on the awards’ page.