Project team: Marco Righetto, Maria Gabriella Astolfo, Alberto Elizondo

Role:Interaction designer responsable for concept, interactions and prototype

Schedule:12 weeks | 2010

Client / iniciative:Iuav - MA project


Routes is an interactive urban installation that fosters strangers to feel more local, discovering the city’s shortcuts.

In this alternative signage system a ‘guide’ appears and shows the path by light and sound.


The installation is designed for a special type of tourist, one we’ve called die-hard tourist. A die-hard tourist is a committed visitor that wants to feel local.

These kind of turits love the place they visit. They are not conformed to what a tourist guide has to say about a certain place.

The name of the installation uses the word’s homophone property to describe this aspect. It describes the journey (route) and the sense of belonging to the place (root).


Routes takes advantage of sounds and light projections to involve the users in an active way.

When they enter the first sensible zone and the sound and light effect of an opening door are reproduced.

Once the users enter the Sotoportego the door closes. When the users are inside the Sotoportego, footsteps appear accompanied by footfall sounds and guide them until the end of the Sotoportego.

The guide’s character is brisk: it can whistle at users if they don’t keep up with the speed. The end of the experience is remarked by the sound of a door closing.

We designed single and multiuser experience, as well as for different behaviour patterns. You can have a look to the prototype we made that illustrates the core part of the experience. (We apologise for the darkness of the video) For further information about the project please visit