Project team: Marco Righetto, Erika Rossi

Role:Interaction designer responsable for concepts

Schedule:2 weeks | 2012

Client / iniciative:Europen Union

Project definition

Light Touch Matters is a European Union project aimed to foster and unravel the collaboration between designers and material researchers to develop new product concepts based on latest developments in polymeric piezo materials and flexible OLEDs.

The project is focussed on finding novel and innovative solutions that embed the interface directly into the designed solutions. The field that is being tackled care and wellbeing.


The concepts spanned from a yoyo for diabetic children to a set of table mat and cutlery to promote healthy eating habits. Rather than just focussing on the product themselves we explored also novel ways for the users to interact with the products, encompassing them into a broader service ecosystem.

This concept phase was crucial for the consortium to secure the budget from the EU for the project to kickoff. The estimated to market date of the project is July 2016. For more information please visit the Light Touch Matters website.