Project team: Marco Righetto, Daniele Bovolenta, Erika Rossi

Role:Interaction designer responsable for concept and prototype

Schedule:2 weeks | 2013

Client / iniciative:TEI - Tangible Embedded Embodied Interaction 2013


“Cheers!” is an interactive musical installation that tries to enrich the experience of celebrating through its basic yet very common gesture: making a toast.

The project was part of the design challenge of the TEI (Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction) conference in Barcelona, 2013.

The brief for this challenge was to Design a fun game or performance that celebrated tangibility. We focused on the most common gesture to celebrate: cheering.


We asked ourselves how this basic behaviour could become more engaging. In order to give the celebration a new perspective, we designed an experience exuding sparkle and conviviality.

When a user raises the glass, a soft light will turn on lighting up the liquid inside; at time same time this action lets the glass emit an harmonic and perpetual note assigned to that user.

When another user raises the glass, it’s possible listening how this collaboration creates two combined notes that generate a pleasant melody and a beautiful light scape.